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Coherence is more important than consistency

One of the things that I always bang on about without really thinking about it in depth is the idea that Clients and agencies need to place less emphasis on consistency and more on coherence. So I thought I’d worry this one out a bit.

Are brand ideas too big for advertising?

This my most recent column for New Media Age . In it I expand on the idea, that you will also find in the Battle of Big Thinking speech, that brand ideas now too big for advertising.

Battle of Big Thinking

If anyone is interested I have uploaded my speech from The APG's Battle of Big Thinking as well as the slides.

For regular readers many of the themes will be very familiar.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Wisdom must be caught not taught

I'm in love with the aphoristic form as you well know. And I think they are extremely handy in our business. Certainly in persuading people of a point of view or course of action - such as David Ogilvy's why keep a dog and bark yourself, or Bill Bernbach's we must stop believing in what...

A short story about provenance

I recently enjoyed an evening at Leith's cookery school in well heeled Kensington.

All in all a very good evening matching wine to food even if I stood out like an ad man at a posh cookery school wine tasting night.

Anyway, there was rather a fascinating story about accessibility, commodification and provenance that I...