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Monthly archive August, 2009
Brand respsonse - a case of having your cake and eating it

Brand respsonse – a case of having your cake and eating it

Image courtesy of Blake E. Marquis. Eddie Izzard has a standup routine about how useless the Church of England would have been at the Spanish Inquisition, because everyone appearing before it would have been given the option of cake or death. Naturally most people end up choosing the cake option.
The Book of Revelations

The Book of Revelations

How come Sainsbury's is doing so well and Tesco isn't?

How come Sainsbury’s is doing so well and Tesco isn’t?

Image courtesy of avlxyz. I love Facebook. But its not often I stumble across a real revelation there. Not so a couple of weeks ago when a feed from Paul Mcenany’s excellent blog heehawmarketing popped up between the updates on the previous evenings inebriations and indiscretions.