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Don't call me mum

Don’t call me mum

It’s been a busy week at Saatchi towers. On Wednesday I unveiled the results of a project that I have been working on with the online forum for mothers, Mumsnet at their inaugural Mumstock conference on marketing to mothers. This project aims to challenge a whole set of myths about marketing to mothers that seem...
Keynesian marketing and the business of confidence

Keynesian marketing and the business of confidence

I am not an economist but let’s say I am economically curious.   And I wonder whether some of the debates that are happening in the world of economics might have relevance to the world of brands and marketing. And specifically the rekindling of interest in Keynesian economics following the financial crisis and the failure...
Love letters to the highstreet

Love letters to the highstreet

Earlier this year we turned our attention to the state of the British High Street and the parlous situation that many of our high streets are in, with 25% failing and another 11% in decline. But instead of talking with the retail gurus and the shoppers of today we focused exclusively on the shoppers, shopkeepers...

This week I am mostly liking…

The Swagger Waggon campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi LA for Toyota.

This is a strategy I having been wanting to try for a Minivan or MPV for ages. Because the choice of a vehicle like this is often seen as a sign that you have simply accepted your life as a parent and 'given up' it...

Probably the best post in the world

This is the new Carlsberg commerical from Saatchi & Saatchi aimed at galvanising the nation behind the England football team over the summer in South Africa.

It's based on the idea that Carlsberg don't do team talks but if they did they would be the best team talks in the world. In truth the ad is...

Big society my arse

David Cameron's big society is as close to a way over complicated planning thought as you get in politics - intellectually interesting to the political elite no doubt but incomprehensible for normal people. This is a film we have just made to hit home the downsides of DIY government.

You can personalise the film here...

A Future Fair For All - The Movie

A Future Fair For All – The Movie

We have created an interactive film with RSA to take the spirit and message of the Labour Party’s manifesto for the UK general election in May to a broader audience than normally concerns themselves with such things. The manifesto cover was ours too.
Election coverage

Election coverage

This is our latest poster for the Labour Party. We are running it in Brighton to coincide with the Tory Party spring conference and the their slipping poll lead. It’s just a poster of course, but even in this day and age they can still be oh so powerful. This execution is about the incompetence...
Childline campaign

Childline campaign

The Childline remixing tool We have created a new campaign for the NSPCC aimed at making Childline a part of the fabric of children’s lives. The idea is to encourage children to express their emotions and to position Childline as the place they can do this freely with immediate online support for those children needing...

Brand new Visa ad

This is the new Visa commerical supporting their sponsorship of the Fifa World Cup in South Africa this summer. It was written by Xander Smith and Jonathan Santana, planned by Martin Smith and Directed by Chris Palmer through Gorgeous.

Getting tasty with the Tories

Getting tasty with the Tories

Thought you might be interested in the first of our new Camera On, Camera Off campaign for the Labour Party aimed at proving that David Cameron (the leader of the UK Conservative opposition party) rarely believes what he says. We are interested in the way that political communications are now about establishing ideas voters can...

Josh’s Band


In the Autumn we went out and about on behalf of T-Mobile and asked people what they would do if they had free texts and internet for life - which is what you get as a T-Mobile Pay As You Go customer that regularly tops up.

And in the course of...