This week I am mostly liking…

The Swagger Waggon campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi LA for Toyota.

This is a strategy I having been wanting to try for a Minivan or MPV for ages. Because the choice of a vehicle like this is often seen as a sign that you have simply accepted your life as a parent and ‘given up’ it has long seemed to me that there was mileage in hero worshiping parenthood and in particular the fact that the choice of an MPV proves that its all working ‘down there’ if you know what I mean. This ain’t a sell out its a swagger waggon. By the way the promo is Number 2 this week in the Ad Age video viral chart.

And above everything else how about that for the first work out of the blocks after the recall – that’s a client with balls.

All the work is on the youtube channel here but I’ve posted a couple of videos below.

Probably the best post in the world

This is the new Carlsberg commerical from Saatchi & Saatchi aimed at galvanising the nation behind the England football team over the summer in South Africa.

It’s based on the idea that Carlsberg don’t do team talks but if they did they would be the best team talks in the world. In truth the ad is simply the culmination of a whole load of integrated activity from the trade out that has been building up from the beginning of the year. As usual a Youtube channel acts as the content hub for all the participatory activity.

Josh’s Band


In the Autumn we went out and about on behalf of T-Mobile and asked people what they would do if they had free texts and internet for life – which is what you get as a T-Mobile Pay As You Go customer that regularly tops up.

And in the course of this we bumped into a guy in Brick Lane called Josh Ward who said that he would us it to start a superband. Which sounded like fun. So we helped him and the single from the band that comprises 1107 musicians in total is released on Monday 11th January.