Diversity is about how good we can all be

Diversity is about how good we can all be

  My life has many privileges. And without doubt one of the most extraordinary privileges I enjoyed last year was dinner with the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson is a hero of the civil rights movement, marched with Dr King at Selma and twice ran to be the Democratic nomination for President. I spend my...
A little bit of politics

A little bit of politics

“The results of the experiment are now in and they are consistent: austerity doesn’t work” Mark Blyth, Austerity: The history of a Dangerous Idea On the day that the Queen’s Speech offered few answers to the real political question of our time, here are a few personal thoughts about the way that Labour should be...

That was the election that was

I have put together a few thoughts on the role of communications in the recent UK general election campaign. Given that we saw it from the inside.

At some point I will get round to adding in all the examples and links but have this to be getting on with.

For some strange reason when I uploaded...

Big society my arse

David Cameron's big society is as close to a way over complicated planning thought as you get in politics - intellectually interesting to the political elite no doubt but incomprehensible for normal people. This is a film we have just made to hit home the downsides of DIY government.

You can personalise the film here...

A Future Fair For All - The Movie

A Future Fair For All – The Movie

We have created an interactive film with RSA to take the spirit and message of the Labour Party’s manifesto for the UK general election in May to a broader audience than normally concerns themselves with such things. The manifesto cover was ours too.
Election coverage

Election coverage

This is our latest poster for the Labour Party. We are running it in Brighton to coincide with the Tory Party spring conference and the their slipping poll lead. It’s just a poster of course, but even in this day and age they can still be oh so powerful. This execution is about the incompetence...
Getting tasty with the Tories

Getting tasty with the Tories

Thought you might be interested in the first of our new Camera On, Camera Off campaign for the Labour Party aimed at proving that David Cameron (the leader of the UK Conservative opposition party) rarely believes what he says. We are interested in the way that political communications are now about establishing ideas voters can...

Look at the strategy on her


Image courtesy of Mainman.

Droga 5's The Great Schlep idea has been doing the rounds recently as one of the smartest and most engaging political campaigns in a Presidential election that is dripping with smart and engaging political campaigns.

But I thought I'd lob my two penny worth into the...