Monthly archive March, 2006

Death to the lemmings

P120_Tawny_Lemming.JPG This blog - unlike many ad blogs that talk about the future - has always set itself against both the Ostriches and the Lemmings. Of course we all loathe the Ostriches, those who continue to find succour beneath the sands of the status quo. But I have an equal amount...

In my day we made our own entertainment

game.jpg My Grandparents were farmers in Somerset. They never really saw the necessity for television and indeed only got one in the early '90s when my grandfather got ill. Consequently childhood visits were rather delightful since in the evenings we were required to make our own entertainment just as they had...

Legendary repositionings

None of that Lucozade nonsense here. I am trying to gather together set of utterly legendary repositionings from any part of culture or society. There are bonus points for total originality and deductions for mentioning the Fourth Emergency Service (tell me something I don't know). rosebury.jpg The World's first planner?

Basic human drivers

The future of creativity

...if google has its way. Footwear-Ads,-S-&-S,-page-I.jpg

PVRs haven’t changed anything

A house ad for HHCL from the early 90's proving that we have always known that ad avoidance is as endemic in the UK as avian flu.

So many channels but how many brands?

I found this data on Ofcom's website (the long winter nights simply fly by in the Huntington household). It got me to thinking how many real brands there are in the multichannel universe since it asks people in multichannel homes which channel they would chose if they could only have one (as good a definition...

Pimp my proposition

So here is a rubbish idea. I am going to call it pimp my proposition. You give me and the rest of us a brand or category by posting a comment and I give you a proposition at best or a brilliant insight at worst. You decide I am way off the pace and ignore...