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Overcoming our empathy deficit

Overcoming our empathy deficit

Indifference by Azli Jamil For those that know me personally, the idea that I have been thinking a bit about empathy may come as a bit of an out of character departure.
What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Bursting with pride

The full T-mobile ad shot on Thursday morning and aired last night. Allowing myself a small off topic moment of bigging up Saatchis. I think the phrase ‘we’re back’ may be in order. More at the T-Mobile YouTube channel.
New year's revelations

New year’s revelations

Image courtesy of Henry Hingst. It struck me recently that, although I place great store in the quality of an insight, I really had no consistent way of measuring how good one of them was and no way to help other people recognise a potent insight if they stumbled across one. That has all changed....