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Monthly archive October, 2011
Gossage - the overlooked legend?

Gossage – the overlooked legend?

I have always felt it’s important to honour and respect the legends of our business. The Ogilvys, Bernbachs, Abbotts and Hegartys. Whatever one might think of their work now its clear to see that they were revolutionaries on their own times. But there is one legend that rarely gets the recognition that he deserves, certainly...
Why I hate targeting

Why I hate targeting

Image courtesy of Rebecca Ellen I have always been deeply suspicious of targeting in advertising. I don’t really mean the practice of placing communications, engagement and utility into the lives of the people most likely to buy. That does seem pretty sensible. No, the thing that bugs me is an obsession with targeting and optimisation...
How to run an agency

How to run an agency

Tango, undoubtedly Jon Leach’s most famous planning hit, or was that the 4th Emergency service? I don’t often get to APG talks, to my eternal shame. However, yesterday I made a point of trucking up to the eternal ghastlyness of the Bloomsbury Holiday Inn for Jon Leach’s talk on the mathematics of creativity.
Positioning versus execution - why the BA ad is not shit

Positioning versus execution – why the BA ad is not shit

Image courtesy of Mike 926 I have just finished reading Creative Mischief by Dave Trott. I think its really rather good. He is a first rate storyteller with a no nonsense approach to business, brands and communication. He reminds us that we can get too obsessed with the new and newfangled and bypass common sense...
Welcome to the age of micro-planning

Welcome to the age of micro-planning

Downstream – where planning is heading. Image courtesy of SunnyUK I had the absolute privilege of judging the Account Planning Group Creative Strategy awards recently. I love the APG Awards, they showcase real planning and great planners in a way that the other so called planning awards do not. And for me this year saw...