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Should CSOs become CEOs?

Should CSOs become CEOs?

In the 1990s Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse performed an appallingly misogynist sketch series called ‘women know your limits’ in which mock mid-century public information films advised women not to mess with things like driving and intellectual debate. And I wonder if sometimes the same advice ought to be given to planners, especially when presented...
Give brands what they deserve not what they want

Give brands what they deserve not what they want

In 1964 the new headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) opened its doors, the fifth building the venerable organisation had inhabited since its foundation in 1518. Not only was the location at end one of the Nash Terraces in The Regent’s Park, somewhat of a departure for the College (having previously inhabited buildings...
What's in a format? Call for entries.

What’s in a format? Call for entries.

Kurt Cobain’s death certificate. To my mind most creative briefing formats certify the death of the thinking. Image courtesy of Night Star Rominus. I have an issue with creative briefing forms. I think they encourage form filling and no agency I have ever worked at has used one. However, even I get a little misty...
Orwell's message to plannerkind

Orwell’s message to plannerkind

The original manuscript for Orwell’s 1984. Image courtesy of I’m rather enjoying George Orwell’s 1984 at the moment. Loads of stuff to ponder on including this rather wonderful passage that seems tailor made for my argument that quantitative research in marketing represents little more than quantitative speculation. Is appears in the section where Winston...