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New adliterate aphorisms ahoy

Rebecca West.jpg Rebecca West, feminist, novelist and HG Wells' lover.

Here is one of hers "I myself have never been able to find out what feminism is; I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute."

And here...

There is more to life than brand engagement

70366673_4277149e73.jpg Purple persuasion No. 28 by clikybd. Virtually nothing to do with this post but the word of the week is beauty and I'm fed up with photos of the First World War.

I get the whole brand engagement thing.

A ready reckoner for great ideas


I've stolen this from Jon Steel because I really like it as way to judge the quality of an idea - strategic or otherwise.

I’m in love with IPTV


Men of the London Rifle Brigade meet the enemy in no man's land, Christmas Day, 1914 - the Christmas day truce between German and British soldiers at which fraternisation and football were the order of the day.

Sometimes, just sometimes people who are normally at each others throats lay down their...

What do advertising agencies do daddy?


Central though brand ideas are to the value we create for clients, advertising agencies have to be more than just idea shops. Ideas without expression serve very little purpose. Ideas have to reach the consumer in engaging and persuasive ways and that involves the agency actually producing something. However, it is...

Our debt to Dawkins

Our debt to Dawkins

Richard Dawkins seems to be the hit of the moment in the plannersphere. In particular Wistlethroughyourcomb has an excellent post on the Selfish Gene (Dawkins’s legendary first book) and its lessons for viral marketing. Meanwhile I am gleefully enjoying his latest book – The God Delusion.

The truth about great planning

rh.jpg "Theory cannot be fabricated out of the results of observations - it can only be invented" Einstein

CDP – the original new media agency

Collett-Dickenson-Pierce-07.jpg Collett, Dickenson and Pearce in all their venerable moustache wearing glory

No bananas

bannarHU_063736large.jpg Through out the second world war bananas were in short supply in a Britain enduring severe food rationing. By the time the first bananas were imported from the Caribbean, many children that had grown up during the conflict had never seen let alone eaten a banana. Indeed Evelyn Waugh...