I’m in love with IPTV


Men of the London Rifle Brigade meet the enemy in no man’s land, Christmas Day, 1914 – the Christmas day truce between German and British soldiers at which fraternisation and football were the order of the day.

Sometimes, just sometimes people who are normally at each others throats lay down their arms and come together in a spirit of unity and common purpose

And so it is with WPP conferences, especially those organised by David Muir, a man that in the parlance of the time ‘gets it’

What do advertising agencies do daddy?


Central though brand ideas are to the value we create for clients, advertising agencies have to be more than just idea shops. Ideas without expression serve very little purpose. Ideas have to reach the consumer in engaging and persuasive ways and that involves the agency actually producing something.
However, it is high time that we defined the craft product of our agencies by the medium in which we work rather than the media by which it is distributed – TV, press, outdoor, radio, online and the like.

No bananas

Through out the second world war bananas were in short supply in a Britain enduring severe food rationing. By the time the first bananas were imported from the Caribbean, many children that had grown up during the conflict had never seen let alone eaten a banana. Indeed Evelyn Waugh famously traumatised his son, Auberon, by consuming by himself and in front of his son, the first Banana Auberon had ever seen.
Imagine the scene, the docks of London, Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow packed to the gunnels with dirty little oiks and street urchins in thread bare clothes eagerly anticipating their first taste of this rare and exotic fruit.

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