Best of TED - Day Two

Best of TED – Day Two

Support for the acquatic ape theory? Image courtesy of Chweetletchu And here are the afternoon’s highlights.
Best of TED - Day Two

Best of TED – Day Two

Imogen Heap at Sundance 2006. Image courtesy of Eugene This is my personal view of the cream of the crop from the morning session on day two.
Best of TED - Day One

Best of TED – Day One

Image courtesy of Frogdesignmind Adliterate is supposed to be about my ideas and not other people’s. But I have had the priviledge to get to TED global in Oxford and these people’s ideas are better than mine. So I thought I’d share the best of what I have seen. I guess the talks will be...
Now that's what I call a mash up

Now that’s what I call a mash up

The Workers Plea

workers plea.jpg

My father and I were talking recently and he suddenly produced a note he has carried in his wallet for the last 30 years. And this is it, 'the workers plea', in all its typewriter written glory.

I thought you might be interested in it whether you are an...