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Maternal brands – how deep is the love?


Andrex - part of my life since 1969. Image courtesy of Mezhopking

My father recently bought a new car and almost immediately ran the battery down because he left the hazard warning lights on all night.

Anyway, he was telling me this story when suddenly he said he had sorted the...

Ethnicity - adland's forgotten mission

Ethnicity – adland’s forgotten mission

magpie 2.jpg

There is only one creature more obsesssed with shiny new things than the marketing community. Image courtesy of Amkhosla.

At the Future Marketing Summit I talked about the way people in marketing exhibit acute neophilia - a love of the new.

This is all well and good, but...

Separated by a common language


The Wassily chair, designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 - anyone remember any ads made that year? Image courtesy of Alex Terzich.

My first love is design.

I got into advertising by accident. I was all set to become an industrial designer, when irresistable lure of Geography took me...

Sorry Mum

I know I seem obsessed with Persil.

But here is how to make proper Dirt is Good advertising rather than the tat on our tellies. It is for Ala Omo, which is the equivalent of Persil in Argentina. It works because it turns the intellectual...

Future Marketing Summit scaled


Hillary and Tenzing enjoying a hearty cup of beef tea while scaling their own summit. Image courtesy of

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of chair in a panel session on technology at the Future Marketing Summit in London. With me were Steve Henry (creative legend and ex-employer),...

Advertising is not a profession


Ede and Ravenscroft of Chancery Lane, specialists in gowns, wigs and other legal paraphernalia. Photo courtesy of avtost

People still seem very keen to join advertising agencies, and in particular to become planners. And why not its a brilliant job.

One of the key questions is always how to get...

Another nail in the coffin for CRM

La traviata.jpg

Violetta meets her consumptive end in La Traviata. Image courtesy of Steven Ford.

One of the great delights of advancing middle-age is that you can decide that some things are just not your cup of tea.

You can say categorically that you just can't be doing with them. ...

Dynamic micro brands


The Swallow tailed hummingbird. Like most dynamic micro brands they are small agile and very fast. Image courtesy of Flavio Cruvinel Brandao

So, I have been obsessing recently about cool and funky little brands like Method, Hendricks, Riverford Organic Vegetables, Dorset Cereals, Good Energy and the like.

And I thought I...

The data dump

dumpers.jpg Image courtesy of cutangus

One of the great criticisms of the plannersphere is that it is data shy.

So here are three lovely charts for the data hungry amongst you to feast on.

The Brand Catwalk – Dorset Cereals

134375720_cc0affb2ea.jpg Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Location for THAT ad. Image courtesy of Andy Latt

I don't know what I love most about the uber premium breakfast cereal brand, Dorset Cereals - the idea, the product, the packaging or the online experience. So you are just going to have to endure...