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Welsh radio ads by ‘ere

This is a kind of mash up of a post.

It is part trip into the HHCL vaults, part celebration of radio and part a feel for the idea of a teaming a planner and creative.

And it is about some radio ads we made for the Wales Tourist Board a little while ago.

The brainstorm – a trojan horse of mediocrity


Image courtesy of Jacob Botter

I hate brainstorms.

I hate running them, I hate contributing to them and I hate using them to solve problems.

They waste huge amounts of time and talent and they are no fucking good at delivering decent ideas.

And so six months ago I cleansed my professional life...

What happens after we collect the underpants?

A friend reminded me this weekend me of a clip from South Park in which the underpant gnomes are stealing all the underpants from the town. This is stage one in a three stage plan in which the third stage is to make a huge amount of profit. The problem is that there is no...

One from the vaults


Lee Scratch Perry. Image courtesy of Ariel Publicity

When it comes to the back catalogue of the recently departed and much missed HHCL its easy to reel off the famous stuff the agency made over the years from Tango Slap to Pot Noodle's Slag of all Snacks but...

Everybody wants to work at Wieden


A push pin rendering of Wieden's Fail Harder ethos. Image courtesy of media bistro.

Despite the Nike bombshell and a recurring sense that Dan's 'I'm just an old hippy' routine is wearing a bit thin, Wieden + Kennedy is the plannersphere's ideal agency to work for. And with work...

A new golden age for radio?


Listen with mother - backbone of the BBC light programme schedule form 1950 to 1982.

If there is an orthodox medium that has been given a shot in the arm by new technology it has got to be radio (not Last fm and all that marlarkey) but good old gardeners-question-time type...

Can we have a more intelligent debate on regulation please?


Will regulation hole advertising below the water line?

As if advertising weren’t challenged enough already by consumer behaviour and technology, the regulators are coming.

They have been circling for a long time but until now self-regulation has kept them at bay.

But with pressure to ban the advertising of ‘junk food’ altogether to...

In defence of DM


Lester Wunderman who identified, defined and named Direct Marketing.

Direct is having a tough time of it at the moment.

In a world of increasing consumer antipathy towards orthodox communications channels (you’ll remember the TGI chart showing the decline in people thinking the ads are as good as the programmes) DM –...