Keynesian marketing and the business of confidence

Keynesian marketing and the business of confidence

I am not an economist but let’s say I am economically curious.   And I wonder whether some of the debates that are happening in the world of economics might have relevance to the world of brands and marketing. And specifically the rekindling of interest in Keynesian economics following the financial crisis and the failure...
Does oxytocin hold the answer?

Does oxytocin hold the answer?

Chances are that you will be familiar with the properties of oxytocin. Whether male or female you will have enjoyed the sense of warmth it creates just after orgasm, if you are a mum you will probably have experienced its effects during childbirth (indeed its name comes from the Greek ōkytokínē meaning ‘quick birth’) and...
Adland entrepreneurs

Adland entrepreneurs

Pair 27 were made by Amanda. I know that because she has signed them next to the unique reference number that allows you to record and the life of your jeans at their history tag online. These are of course no ordinary jeans these are Hiut Denim jeans named after the founders David and Clare...
Gossage - the overlooked legend?

Gossage – the overlooked legend?

I have always felt it’s important to honour and respect the legends of our business. The Ogilvys, Bernbachs, Abbotts and Hegartys. Whatever one might think of their work now its clear to see that they were revolutionaries on their own times. But there is one legend that rarely gets the recognition that he deserves, certainly...
Why I hate targeting

Why I hate targeting

Image courtesy of Rebecca Ellen I have always been deeply suspicious of targeting in advertising. I don’t really mean the practice of placing communications, engagement and utility into the lives of the people most likely to buy. That does seem pretty sensible. No, the thing that bugs me is an obsession with targeting and optimisation...
Positioning versus execution - why the BA ad is not shit

Positioning versus execution – why the BA ad is not shit

Image courtesy of Mike 926 I have just finished reading Creative Mischief by Dave Trott. I think its really rather good. He is a first rate storyteller with a no nonsense approach to business, brands and communication. He reminds us that we can get too obsessed with the new and newfangled and bypass common sense...
Hegarty on Advertising

Hegarty on Advertising

Image courtesy of Johnnie Walker Espana. “Do not go gentle into the good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light” Dylan Thomas. Sir John Hegarty’s thoughts and memoirs, packaged together in Hegarty on Advertising (Thames and Hudson), must be amongst the most eagerly awaited stories from the world of advertising. This is...
The price of everything the value of nothing

The price of everything the value of nothing

Chateau Petrus, sadly the ’78 is missing. Image courtesy of cDubya. One of the key tenets of behavioural theory is that we value more the things for which we pay more. The more expensive the wine, the greater quality we believe it to be and the more that we value it. So how come this...

Crimes against participation – part two


Image courtesy of freefotouk.

In the last post on participation I talked about the after thought issue that dogs many participatory campaigns and three easy steps to engagement heaven. I now want to deal with the second issue, the performing monkey syndrome.

T Mobile - Welcome back

T Mobile – Welcome back

I have stopped posting work from Saatchi’s on adliterate because that’s not really what this blog is all about but I thought I had to put up the new T Mobile ad. Shot at Heathrow’s terminal 5 on Wednesday, the three minute version launched last night on 80 UK TV channels in a simultaneous roadblock....

Creating inspiring briefs – a note to clients

This is a short paper I wrote for Clients to help them create better briefs for their agencies and therefore get more effective work out of them.

Lets start with a clear definition of roles – for the people and documents involved in briefing.

Clients are marketing professionals and brand guardians. You understand what performance the business...

Probably the best post in the world

This is the new Carlsberg commerical from Saatchi & Saatchi aimed at galvanising the nation behind the England football team over the summer in South Africa.

It's based on the idea that Carlsberg don't do team talks but if they did they would be the best team talks in the world. In truth the ad is...